Clay Harris is the man behind Breakthrough Consults

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We provide no-nonsense answers and strategies that are easy to execute on your schedule.

Clay Harris is the man behind Breakthrough Consults

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What do you need or how can I help you?” Small questions with a big impact. When was the last time you heard these questions in the workplace? If you are in a position of leadership, you’re the one posing these questions. How do you respond? Do you have the tools to address their reply? Being an active listener is important, and it can make all the difference to your staff, your clients, and your success. And while you are helping others, what are your needs? What questions have you asked yourself and who can help you?

At Breakthrough Consults, I provide coaching verbiage and ask those thought-provoking questions that encourage deeper thinking and clarity of vision.

I help my clients set reasonable goals for stabilization and expansion where needed. I explore employee growth or role shifting and often identify new or different revenue lines that can spur the much-needed capital to scale your business- without risky financial practices. I can break down goals into phases and work on them at the pace that fits best. Every consultation plan is uniquely and specifically tailor-made for each business based on what you want to accomplish.

In 2023 over 44.5 million precious people quit their jobs. We know people don’t quit jobs they enjoy, they quit people.  Toxic relationships, unhealthy environments, and poor conflict resolution practices are at the root of these wasted opportunities.  I help my clients improve workplace relationships.

Creating a work environment that finds a healthy balance between being comfortable enough to foster productivity without being so comfortable that it breeds inefficiently, is a very delicate line. I’ll introduce automated processes that improve day-to-day operations and can even brainstorm new or different ways of operation. Best of all, the changes being made in the workplace are palpable within the first few months.

The true intersection of a great business is where efficiency meets effectiveness.  Working with you, I identify operating systems that increase efficiency and marry those systems to daily operations, job duties, payroll, and human resource platforms.  By developing company policies and procedures for real humans, Breakthrough Consults maximizes corrective actions, substance use policies, and safety standards.  Your company may not have a written Policies and Procedures manual, maybe it’s out of date or perhaps it’s just located in a big binder that’s never been used because it’s simply overwhelming. If one of those fits your business, it’s time for an upgrade.

Your company should have a Policies and Procedures Manual that’s up-to-date, applicable to all aspects of the business and accessible to every employee always. It should be concise, easy to comprehend and provide clarity. This task can be overwhelming for an active owner or CEO to contemplate taking on as a project. The great news is that Breakthrough Consults does the heavy lifting for you- walking you through the entire process and asking the right questions to ensure it’s designed specifically for your company and then produce the final document for you to keep as your own.

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Are you getting your executive coaching from YouTube videos?  Every month 409,000 people type “how to …”  into YouTube to help answer their questions on payroll, taxes, and employment issues.  I believe entrepreneurs, large and small business owners use this tool because it fits their schedule and provides a quick answer.  Unfortunately, most of those answers are woefully non-specific, at times conflicting, and often incorrect.

Breakthrough Consults is a schedule-friendly company.  We accommodate the schedules of busy stakeholders and provide concise commonsense solutions.

You are responsible for supporting your employees through their difficulties, but who supports you through yours? My consulting process will help you feel comfortable sharing your needs and goals at a pace that works for you.

Have you ever thought, “I love my business, I just wish I had the ability to step away from time to time and things just keep running smoothly.”? Maybe it’s time to explore how you can create an infrastructure that allows you to gain some distance from daily operations to enjoy what you work so hard for. One of the best parts, the costs for consultation are ultimately a business expense that can be paid through the business.

If only leadership was as easy as giving a title! Not everyone is born with leadership skills, but they can be taught and strengthened. All owners and managers need the perfect combination of perspective, understanding of both the big and small picture, confidence, respect, love, empathy, communication, and accountability.

I can help you build those great leadership and management skills over time.  The sooner you get your team started, the sooner your organization will feel the success.


We provide no-nonsense answers and strategies that are easy to execute on your schedule.

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Meet Clay Harris

Clay Harris is the man behind Breakthrough Consults. He is an entrepreneur, business professional, husband, and proud “girl dad”.

In his earlier career, Clay was an accomplished CEO and business owner in the mental health industry. TodayClay provides advice and support to business owners, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs that want to expand their organizations.

He is happily married to Rikki Harris, who is also an accomplished CEO. She has a love for antique muscle cars, the perfect crushed ice snow cone, and fresh Sneakers.  Together they are raising two daughters who bring them joy every day.

Clay also serves his community and church weekly, recognizing that he lives to fulfill a purpose greater than his own. You’ll find him in his downtime playing golf, going to live concerts, and attending sporting events.

Clay opened Breakthrough Consults because he recognized the high demand for tailored support in the business community.  He leverages his skills and insights to address specific organizational gaps faced by business owners and stakeholders. Driven by a desire to pay it forward, Clay generously offers the business support he himself lacked early in his career.

Clay’s ability to quickly build rapport with clients, combined with his meticulous approach to projects, consistently garners rave reviews. Before he could hang a shingle out, he was a sought-after advisor to small businesses.

Clay is uniquely qualified to provide business coaching.

  • Experience as both a successful business owner and entrepreneur.
  • A successful 20-year career in the Mental Health Industry.
  • Decades of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider and Approved Supervisor.
  • Professional training and real-life experience in Mediation.
  • Stellar track record in dozens of management roles.
  • Successful franchise owner and business broker.
  • Successful investor in financial markets and real estate.
  • Participated in de-franchising, buying, and selling various businesses.
  • Proven track record as a mentor to emerging business leaders.

Extensive training and real-life experience in mediation have made Clay an unrivaled moderator.  He fosters a collaborative problem-solving environment, ensuring everyone reaches a win-win solution through open discussion.

Clay easily absorbs the culture, tone, and voice of his clients so that he can efficiently advise stakeholders in the areas of business processes, human resources, workplace infrastructure, and organizational development. Complex challenges are boiled down to simple actionable plans.

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“We trusted Clay to shape our organization by updating our business processes and improving our human resources.  He did not disappoint.  Money well spent!”   

Dr. Jesse Davenport, PT, DPT, Co-Owner - The Movement Shop